Nippon Circuit Technology Limited


Nippon Circuit Technology Limited (NCTL) established since 2006 is a special Project Engineering team to support the PCB niche market. All our engineering managers have more than 15 years solid PCB technical and manufacturing experience from small, medium to large manufacturing platforms. In line with Nippon Circuit Limited, we can provide seamless support from small batch to large-scale production, prototype & quick turn support and PCB with specific and extreme applications. To summarize, we specialize in:


-         - Prototype PCB

-         - Quick Turn PCB

-         - High mix, low volume

-         - Non-conventional PCB, ultra thin (rigid), milled cavities, exceptionally small or long PCB

-         - Power PCB with heavy oz copper (up to 5 oz) and Aluminium substrate

-         - FPC and Rigid-flex


By adding this special team in the Nippon Circuits group, we hope to assist you starting from your product development stage. Our quick turn sample service should help you reduce your R&D time, while our knowledge in manufacturing would help you reduce cost in volume manufacturing as well. Our goal is simple. This is to provide a complete and satisfactory PCB package for you. air jordan shoes new era hats juicy handbags levis jeans